Crochet Trees




Rustic crocheted trees handmade by me (with help from my retired Dad!).


We salvage branches to use for the bases, and add dowels for the tree stems. I crochet the tree pieces individually and measure and attach them to the stands.

Each piece is absolutely unique, there will never be two the same. This is the beauty of nature, and part of the reason we love these. The availability of the branches determines which type of bark the base has, and the number of trees we can put into each base. The overall height of the trees varies from 5 or 6 inches up to 15 inches, and bases are anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. The colour of the trees depends on the materials I can find, but I try to choose colours that blend well together either as natural or neutral decor, or in holiday themed colours.

The trees look especially lovely in groupings!


Thanks to Megmade With Love for sharing this pattern.