Hi and welcome! I'm Christina, the face behind One Loop Crochet.

It all starts with one loop. Every crocheted item. I find this fascinating! That one loop can become anything, only limited by your imagination and perseverance. The infinite variety of things you can do with that one loop feeds my curiosity and satisfies my soul.

I make things. Lots of things. With yarn. The making and giving of handmade has become somewhat of an addiction! I am happy when people are happy with what I've made for them, it's as simple as that... OK, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, so first I have to be happy with the item before it leaves my hands.

I started this journey a long time ago, when my immigrant grandmother taught me how to crochet a chain when I was about 7 years old. I can't remember when I started really making usable things, but from that moment on I taught myself new stitches and techniques from old pattern books. I really enjoy learning new things, so I’ve learned Tunisian crochet and several knitting techniques (although there’s SO much more I want to try!).

I really enjoy testing new patterns for other designers, and tech editing patterns before they are released.

I also teach crochet lessons and workshops privately. Contact me for details.